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Constant maintenance updates, backups, and security checks are required to ensure that your website functions as intended.
Perhaps even more crucial is your SEO. I’m offering a solution to make sure you have a website that works for you.
Focus on what matters most while your website is being updated and managed seamlessly.
I’m taking care of all the tricky bits for you.


(also called data transfer) refers to the amount of data allowed to pass to and from your website.



Your site needs monitoring. Plugin, CMS Version, Theme & Software updates are implemented regularly.


I ensure your site, domain, and email received minimal to no spam wherever possible by implementing the highest levels of security.

Require monthly maintenance on your site? Opt for one of my care plans starting at only $ 60 | ZAR 980.
Here you can learn more about our Care Plans.


Frequently asked questions
You did not build my site, can I still host with you?

Yes, these hosting plans are for clients no matter who built their site. Ideally it is always nice to know the in’s and out’s of the site but this only makes it more fun.

I have multiple sites, do you offer discount on bulk plans?

Yes, please contact me directly to discuss this.

When are invoices sent?

Care Plans are strictly pro-rata and a subscription service will be set up with our trusty partners at PayFast and PayPal for the duration agreed upon, either 6 or 12 months.

How can I pay for my Hosting

We make use of PayFast and Paypal Subscriptions. You will be able to pay through the portal with all major bank cards and even PayPal.

Can I renew after the term is completed?

Yes, once your 6 or 12 month term has matured, you can sign up for another term. We are always happy when clients renew their terms and we’ll follow the same steps as per the initial setup process.

Is there a discount on term renewals?

Yes, each time you renew your term of 6 or 12 months care plan, you will receive 10% the monthly care plan rate. Please note prices do increase once every January.

Do you host E-Commerce stores?

Yes, websites with advanced functionality and features will require a Platimun Plan or above for optimum results.

Can I cancel my Hosting?

Yes, even if your term is not completed, you can refer to our hosting contract and submit your cancellation to I will be sad to see you go, I understand businesses do get financial strain from time to time. There is a 30 day cancellation period which you will still be paying the last 30 days hosting of.