My Project Process


When I receive a client project I start by collecting all the data supplied and compile questions if needed to establish the 3 W’s. Why, When & What. If this is a first time client I will guide them on my process and the available slots in my schedule, this will ensure deadlines are met.


Probably the most crucial step and plays an essential role in helping guide the client’s vision to achieve the end result. Creating a process is vital to identify desired goals, reduce risks, avoid missed deadlines, and ultimately deliver the agreed product, service or result.


This phase is generally where project management transitions from a science to an art. Should the project require several phases between inception and completion, these phases will now be separately delivered and approved.


Depending on the size of the projects, phases are usually implemented and approval per phase then takes place. Using this method has proven to not only speed up the development process but also harvest trust with the client.

Roll Out

Every major phase has a preliminary and official rollout. This will almost always happen until the final approval is given and the phase will then evolve to the main domain. Relatable steps will be followed to ensure the project is not released until final approval has been supplied.


As each major phase rolls out, I ensure that any foreseeable issues are addressed and eliminated as much as possible. A recognized issue now can prevent exorbitant expenses in the long run. A streamlined process is the goal from beginning to end.

My Ultimate Mission

I strive to deliver the absolute best service possible and submit all projects within their deadlines to ensure smooth business operations.

Making an Impact

I guide you on how to compete with competitors, social media, brands, trends, and media. Making sure you are number one.


By rearranging the workday concept I ultimately engineered the perfect strategy that works within your budget & deadlines.