Why SEO is so important?


Organic search accounts for the bulk of traffic.

You might be losing out on traffic and sales if you don’t have an SEO plan in place for your shop. Search engine results pages are projected to account for 35% of overall traffic and 33% of sales for online retailers, making it the marketing platform with the highest traffic and revenue potential.


The cost of paid ads is rising, while SEO is “free traffic.”

If you rely on paid advertising platforms like Facebook or Instagram for the majority of your revenue, this can eat into your profit margins. While it takes time to generate organic traffic, it can ultimately become the most cost-effective acquisition channel. Investing time and effort to increase organic traffic through SEO can be time-consuming, but the compounding effect of organic traffic makes it the best value for money channel for generating customers. Even if the results aren’t immediate, SEO can never be overlooked.


Ranking on top will increase your daily traffic by up to 30%.

In the SEO community, it’s a running joke that if you wanted to cover a corpse, you’d put it on page two. That’s because the first place gets the most clicks, overwhelmingly so as compared to 11th place.

If you have a page that is doing well for organic traffic despite not having done any search optimizations, there’s a good chance you can boost it to pull in more traffic with minor changes. Picture depicting the click-through rates for searches conducted with a shopping aim, showing how they begin at 30% for the first position and gradually decrease.

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